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Join our global community of satisfied customers who have experienced the transformation brought by our range of products, including Sliding Carpet Display, Book Carpet Display, Sample Carpet Display, Floor Carpet Display, Carpet clips, Carpet Hangers, Carpet ring, and more. Elevate your showroom with ARS DISPLAY SYSTEMS today!

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Carpet sliding display system by ARS Display Systems
Crafted with durability in mind, our sliding carpet display stand is powder coated at 300 degrees, providing exceptional resilience to daily wear and tear. It boasts alloy aluminium channels and hangers for enhanced stability.

Illuminate your carpets beautifully with LED consider a display stand that comes with built-in lighting features and focus lights in the display area, highlighting their intricate details.

Our Customization colors on demand to match your showroom aesthetics perfectly. With our successful start as importers, we now proudly manufacture and export worldwide at wholesale prices, bringing you top-notch quality at unbeatable value.

With its easy-to-install feature, you’ll have your display up and running in no time. Say goodbye to costly maintenance, as our system is maintenance-free.
Designed with utmost precision, this advanced display system offers a seamless and noise-free sliding mechanism, ensuring effortless movement of carpets ensuring a peaceful browsing experience for your customers.

ARS Carpet Sliding Display System provides easy access to carpets without disturbing the overall display.
you can trust that you’re investing in quality products that will enhance your customers’ experience while showcasing the true beauty of your carpets.

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