Carpet Small Sample Display 45 shelves

This rug/mat display stand consists of 45 shelves.
ARS Small Sample CDS (Three Rows) 45 pcs of 40X40 sample carpets
It is rust proof.

Each sample rug can be displayed on each shelf . It has a brand logo banner area which will increase brand promotion.
It is maintenance free.

Size and number of shelves are customized.
Brand: ARS Display Systems
Origin: India
Usage: Best suited for textile furnishing stores,showrooms,shops
Surface finish:
Powder Coated Pure Polyester Waterproof Epoxy Paint


With a successful start by  importing our displays we now have manufacturing & export worldwide at wholesale price.  

Our rug display systems range of products include Sliding Carpet display, Book Carpet display, Sample carpet display ,Floor Carpet Display, Carpet clips, Carpet Hangers, Carpet ring etc.

We are humbled to have touched the lives of our customers  with range of world class showrooms , smooth movement of carpets , exquisite design.

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