Carpet Ceiling Mounting Display System (Customised)

ARS Ceiling Mounting Carpet Display Systems CMCDS.

ARS DISPLAY SYSTEMS  is the industries foremost brand, creating reliable carpet display systems .
1. Advance Design
2. Easy to Install
3. Maintenance free
4. Noise free Ceiling Mounting Display
5. Powder Coated 300 degree
6. With Alloy Aluminium Channels & Hangers
7. Colors on Demand

With a successful start by  importing our displays we now have manufacturing & export worldwide at wholesale price.  

Our rug display systems range of products include Sliding Carpet display, Book Carpet display, Sample carpet display ,Floor Carpet Display, Carpet clips, Carpet Hangers, Carpet ring etc.

We are humbled to have touched the lives of our customers  with range of world class showrooms , smooth movement of carpets , exquisite design .

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